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Meet the World of Girl Power Initiative

  • Focused on innovative community engagement and awareness programs.

  • Advocates for sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions through the distribution of reusable pads.

Industry, Innovation & Sustainability

Empowering young refugee girls through education on Sexual Reproductive Health, sensitization on Gender-Based Violence, and mentorship activities.

  • Empowering girls and women (SDG5)

  • Addressing health and well-being through sexual reproductive health education and menstrual hygiene management (SDG3)

  • Promoting quality education (SDG4)



Foundation year

Kakuma, Turkana Kenya 🇰🇪


Glap Entreprise


Founded in October 2021, Girl Power Initiative is a refugee-led initiative in Kakuma, Kenya, focused on empowering girls. The organization addresses Gender-Based Violence and menstrual hygiene management to restore dignity and happiness for girls in Kakuma refugee camp and Kalobeyei settlement, leveraging education and innovation for empowerment.


  • Educational Empowerment: Utilizing education to promote equality and empowerment among girls and women.

  • Addressing GBV: Creating awareness and dialogues on Gender-Based Violence to restore dignity and well-being.

  • Quality Education Advocacy: Facilitating access to quality education for young girls, equipping them with essential skills.

  • Menstrual Hygiene Solutions: Offering innovative solutions for menstrual hygiene management to eliminate period poverty through the distribution of reusable sanitary pads and education.



Girl Power Initiative was conceived and founded by visionary young refugees who identified a pressing need for girl empowerment in their community, stemming from a deep commitment to values of equality, creativity, and innovation.


The organization has since flourished, successfully extending its reach to 10 schools and making a significant impact in fostering empowerment through education and economic development for girls and women in the community.


Marking a notable achievement, Girl Power Initiative has set an ambitious goal to impact over 15,000 individuals, demonstrating steadfast progress and a commitment to expanding its reach and influence.

Our Story

What We Value

  • Equality

  • Creativity

  • Innovation

Product Spotlights

  • Reusable pads distribution.

  • Media platforms for addressing girls’ needs.

  • Awareness and educational programs on GBV and sexual reproductive health.

Community Transformation

  • Engaging communities through awareness creation on GBV.

  • Provision of essential resources to school-going girls.

  • Advocacy for talent and self-improvement through mentoring.

Clients Chronicles

  • Benefiting schools and communities in and around Kakuma refugee camp.

What We Value

Unified in purpose, we champion the empowerment of girls and tackle key issues such as Gender-Based Violence and menstrual hygiene.

Goal Harmony


Fostering trust through transparent and accountable financial practices, ensuring every resource maximizes community impact.

Financial Transparency


Fuelling Girl Power Initiative’s innovative growth by embracing creative solutions and education for transformative change.

Growth & Innovation 


Both ATLANTE and Girl power are committed to operational excellence, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently, maximizing impact and value for communities.

Operational Brilliance


Committed to embedding sustainability in every initiative for enduring and meaningful impact in Kakuma and Kalobeyei.

Sustainability Manifesto


Showcasing the transformative journey and the numerous lives enriched through empowerment and innovative education.

Impact Chronicles


Meet The Team

Sudi Omar Noor

Founder and Chairperson


  • Sudi Omar, originating from Somalia, identified a pressing need for girl empowerment and founded the Girl Power Initiative.

Vision Leadership:

  • Sudi envisions a world where every girl is educated, empowered, and free from Gender-Based Violence, utilizing education and technology to debunk myths around menstruation and promoting SRH and GBV awareness.


  • Besides leading the initiative, Sudi is committed to storytelling through her role at FilmAid Kenya, amplifying voices and shedding light on vital community issues. She has also contributed to health and nutrition with the International Rescue Committee.

Byaombe lumona

Vice Chairperson o-founder

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