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  • Waste-to-Energy Sector: Our project contributes to the growing waste-to-energy sector, promoting a circular economy by transforming waste into a valuable resource (briquettes).



  • Biodegradable Briquette Production: We introduce an innovative solution for fuel production, utilizing readily available waste materials to create a sustainable alternative to firewood.

  • Community-Driven Approach: This project fosters a community-driven approach to environmental management, empowering residents to actively participate in waste reduction and resource recovery.


  • Environmental Protection: By reducing reliance on firewood, we contribute to combating deforestation and mitigating climate change

  • Improved Waste Management: The project establishes a system for collecting and transforming waste, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment

  • Long-Term Impact: Our focus is on building a sustainable model that can be replicated and scaled, creating lasting positive change for the Kakuma community.

Industry, Innovation & Sustainability

  • Deforestation (SDG 13: Climate Action) increases due to firewood use.

  • Poor waste management (SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation) creates health risks.

  • High unemployment and poverty (SDG 1: No Poverty) fuel both deforestation and waste issues, limiting opportunities for women and youth to enter the workforce (SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth).



Foundation year

Kakuma, Turkana Kenya 🇰🇪

Company HQ: Kakuma 3 Zone 2 Block 6


The Blaise Friends of the Nature Company, a refugee-led environmental organization, proposes the Biodegradable Waste Briquette Production Project in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. This project addresses three critical and interconnected challenges:


  1. Deforestation: Lack of access to electricity forces reliance on firewood, leading to environmental degradation.

  2. Waste Management: Poor waste disposal creates an unhealthy environment and health risks.

  3. Socio-economic Disparity: High unemployment and poverty contribute to both deforestation and waste issues.

Our Solution

The project introduces the production of biodegradable briquettes from waste materials. This provides a sustainable alternative fuel source, reducing deforestation and its associated environmental impact. Additionally, it creates employment opportunities for women and youth in waste collection and briquette production, fostering economic empowerment.


The Blaise Friends of the Nature Company is a story of resilience and community spirit. Founded in July 2021 by Bajirenge Pascal Blaise, a refugee from DR Congo, the company emerged from a shared concern for the environment and the well-being of the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Driven by a Vision:

We envision a Kakuma where residents can live in a healthy and sustainable environment. We believe that environmental protection and economic empowerment are intertwined.

Our Achievements:

In a short time, we have made significant strides:

  1. Community Mobilization: We have built a strong network of community members passionate about environmental action.

  2. Awareness Campaigns: We have organized workshops and outreach programs to educate residents about the importance of waste management and environmental conservation.

  3. Initial Successes: We have piloted small-scale waste collection and composting initiatives, demonstrating the project's viability.


A Foundation for Growth:

Our achievements serve as a springboard for the Biodegradable Waste Briquette Production Project. We are a dedicated team with a proven track record of community engagement and environmental action.

Join Us in Making a Difference

By supporting this project, you invest in the future of Kakuma. Together, we can create a cleaner environment, empower the community, and build a more sustainable future for all.

Our Story

A Collaborative Approach for Sustainable Change
The Blaise Friends of the Nature Company operates on a foundation of core values that guide our work and partnerships:

  1. Community Transformation: We believe in creating a ripple effect of positive change within the Kakuma community. We actively engage residents and empower them to be agents of environmental protection.

  2. Skill Development: We are committed to equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to build a brighter future. Our projects prioritize skills training and capacity building for waste management and briquette production.

  3. Entrepreneurship: We foster self-sufficiency and economic empowerment by encouraging entrepreneurial opportunities within the briquette production process.

  4. Sustainable Impact: We prioritize long-term solutions that ensure the project's continued success and positive impact on the environment and the community.

Building Partnerships for Success

We recognize the importance of collaboration in achieving our goals. We actively seek partnerships with:

  1. Development Agencies: We value collaboration with organizations like the Danish Refugee Council, Red Cross, and UNHCR to leverage their expertise and resources.

  2. Refugee Community: Our most important partners are the refugees of Kakuma. Their voices, needs, and participation are central to the project's success.

What We Value

Shared vision for empowering marginalized communities and fostering sustainable development.

Goal Harmony


Both entities value transparent financial practices, ensuring trust and accountability in every transaction, paving the way for a partnership built on integrity and mutual respect.

Financial Transparency


We are committed to embracing innovation and growth, utilizing cutting-edge solutions and creative approaches to overcome challenges and maximize the impact of their initiatives.

Growth & Innovation 


Excelling in operational efficiency, we are combining expertise to optimize processes, enhance program delivery, and ensure the seamless execution of their shared mission.

Operational Brilliance


Sustainability is at the core of both organizations, dedicated to implementing environmentally conscious practices and promoting long-term solutions for the well-being of communities and the planet.

Sustainability Manifesto


Our partnership is writing a story of impactful transformation, documenting success stories, and celebrating milestones achieved through collective efforts and shared values.

Impact Chronicles


Meet The Team

Bajirenge Pascal Blaise

Founder and Driving Force


The Blaise Friends of the Nature Company is spearheaded by Bajirenge Pascal Blaise, a refugee from DR Congo. Driven by a deep concern for the environment and the well-being of his adopted home, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Blaise founded the organization in July 2021.

A Passion for Change:

Blaise's personal experience as a refugee fuels his passion for creating a positive impact. He recognizes the interconnected challenges faced by the camp and believes that environmental sustainability and economic empowerment are key to a brighter future.

Leadership and Expertise:

Blaise brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the organization:

Community Organizer: He possesses a strong ability to mobilize and inspire residents, fostering a sense of ownership and participation in environmental initiatives.

Environmental Advocate: Blaise is deeply knowledgeable about the environmental challenges faced by Kakuma and possesses a clear vision for sustainable solutions.

Dedicated Leader: He leads by example, demonstrating a tireless commitment to the well-being of the community and the project's success.

A Visionary for the Future

Under Blaise's leadership, Blaise Friends of the Nature Company has become a respected voice for environmental action within Kakuma. His dedication and vision are instrumental in driving the Biodegradable Waste Briquette Production Project forward.

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