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Meet the World of Vijana Twaweza Club

  • Focus on innovative agriculture and sustainable practices.

  • Development and promotion of adaptable and sustainable agriculture models.

  • Projects like Fishing in the Desert showcase innovative food sourcing.

Industry, Innovation & Sustainability

  • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. (SDG 9) 

  • Zero Hunger through innovative agriculture. (SDG 2) 

  • Good Health and Well-being via malnutrition mitigation. (SDG 3) 

  • Responsible Consumption and Production. (SDG 12)



Foundation year

Kakuma 1, Zone 4, Block 4, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Turkana County, Kenya. 🇰🇪


Vijana Twaweza Club

Overview: Vijana Twaweza Club, established in 2018 in Kakuma Refugee Camp, is dedicated to combating malnutrition and enhancing food availability through innovative agriculture. Our initiatives align with SDG 9, emphasizing industry, innovation, and sustainability.


  • Address Malnutrition: Implement sustainable agricultural practices to mitigate malnutrition in the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

  • Promote Sustainability: Develop and encourage adaptable and environmentally responsible initiatives, such as soap production.

  • Foster Innovation: Explore and introduce innovative solutions like Fishing in the Desert for food sourcing in arid conditions.

  • Empower Community: Enhance community resilience and self-reliance through impactful projects and partnerships.


  • Genesis: Initiated in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Vijana Twaweza Club emerged to address pressing needs such as malnutrition and food availability through innovative and sustainable solutions.


  • Growth Milestone: Since its inception, the Club has grown exponentially, expanding its projects and impact, fostering partnerships, and becoming a beacon of hope and sustainability within the community.

  • Milestones:

  1. 2015: Foundation of Vijana Twaweza Club in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

  2. Innovative Agriculture: Successful implementation and promotion of innovative agricultural models.

  3. Fishing in the Desert: Launch and success of a pioneering project addressing food availability in arid regions.

  4. Soap Production: Establishment of a sustainable initiative demonstrating commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our Story

What We Value:

  • Innovation: Developing creative solutions to address community needs.

  • Sustainability: Ensuring long-term viability and environmental responsibility.

  • Partnership: Collaborating with various stakeholders for greater impact.

  • Community Empowerment: Fostering self-reliance and resilience within the community.

Products Spotlight:

  • Fishing in the Desert: An innovative approach to food sourcing in arid conditions.

  • Soap Production: Demonstrating commitment to sustainability and adaptability.

Community Transformation:

Vijana Twaweza Club has played a pivotal role in transforming the community through its innovative and sustainable initiatives, fostering self-reliance, and improving living conditions.

Clients Chronicles:

The Club has received widespread appreciation and recognition from beneficiaries, partners, and stakeholders for its impactful work and commitment to sustainability.

What We Value

We believe in Vijana's transformative vision and goals, harmonizing efforts to co-create scalable impact and drive change

Goal Harmony


Our confidence in Vijana is rooted in their transparent financial dealings, ensuring accountability and fostering a sustainable partnership.

Financial Transparency


 Witnessing Vijana’s innovative approaches, we invest in their growth potential to unlock new possibilities and amplify their reach.

Growth & Innovation 


We recognize Vijana's operational excellence and support their journey towards heightened efficacy and optimal results.

Operational Brilliance


Aligned with Vijana's commitment to sustainability, we champion their manifesto, striving for a resilient and environmentally conscious future.

Sustainability Manifesto


Inspired by Vijana’s meaningful community transformation, we are steadfast in supporting their journey, contributing to the narrative of lasting impact.

Impact Chronicles


Meet The Team

Lukambo Luundo 


  • Origin: Founded by a group of visionary individuals in Kakuma Refugee Camp, seeking to address and mitigate the challenges faced by the community.


  • Vision Leadership: Guided by visionary leadership, the Club aims to empower the community through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Luundo wa Luundo 

Secretary & Co-Founder

  • Commitment:

Dedicated to fostering community resilience, sustainability, and improving the quality of life for inhabitants of the camp.

  • Impact:

Vijana Twaweza Club has made a significant impact in Kakuma Refugee Camp, touching lives, fostering hope, and contributing to achieving several Sustainable Development Goals.

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