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Championing Sustainable Impact

At ATLANTE, we are staunch advocates for projects that not only advance industry but also align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. Our commitment to global progress is embodied by our diverse portfolio, where each endeavor is a testament to our vision of a more equitable and sustainable world. Here’s a glimpse into the sectors and industries we champion

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Arts Culture & Heritage (SDG 11.4 & SDG 16)


Promoting and preserving diverse cultures and heritage, fostering creativity and expression, and using art as a medium for social dialogue, understanding, and change.

Agriculture & Food Security (SDG 2)


Empowering farmers with modern tools and techniques, promoting sustainable farming practices, and ensuring communities have access to nutritious food.

Clean Energy & Infrastructure (SDG 7 & 9):


Supporting ventures that harness renewable energy sources and develop infrastructure that caters to the needs of growing populations while being eco-friendly.

Education & Lifelong Learning (SDG 4)


Backing projects that prioritize quality education, from primary schooling to vocational training, ensuring everyone has the tools to succeed in today’s dynamic world.

Health & Well-being (SDG 3)


Bolstering health initiatives, from clinics in underserved regions to holistic wellness programs, ensuring every individual enjoys good health and well-being.

Tech & Innovation for Social Impact (SDG 9 & 10)


Nurturing startups and businesses that leverage technology to address societal challenges, bridging gaps, and fostering inclusive growth.

Water & Sanitation (SDG 6)


Aiding projects that aim to provide clean water and sanitation solutions, ensuring communities thrive in hygienic conditions.

Economic Growth & Decent Work (SDG 8)


Supporting businesses that promote sustainable economic growth, offer decent job opportunities, and drive economic empowerment for all.

Resilient Communities & Urban Development (SDG 11)


Backing endeavors focused on building resilient communities, urban planning, and ensuring safe and inclusive cities for all.


ATLANTE Explorer

ATLANTE Explorer offers a vivid glimpse into our impactful projects, serving as a gateway to explore, connect, and engage with our transformative initiatives across sectors and geographies.

Advocacy Initiative for Youth Development

Discover Our Refugees' Education Revolution at AIY2D!

GLAP Enterprises

GLAP operates in the Manufacturing & Production sector, producing high-quality soaps and various other products, blending industrial efficiency with sustainability.


Discover The GIRL Power Revolution!



Kakuma refugees turn waste into fuel! Our project creates jobs, fights deforestation, and improves health through briquette production. Invest in a sustainable future for Kakuma!


Discover Our Refugees' Plastic Revolution at FRADI!

Vijana Twaweza Club

Discover Our Refugees' Agricultural Revolution at Vijana Twaweza Club

Coming Soon!

Unlock the Power of Hope: Explore Our Refugee Initiatives Today!

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