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Glap Entreprise

Overview: GLAP, founded in 2015 in Kakuma, produces hygiene products such as soaps. The company is committed to sustainability, innovation and community transformation, aligning with key Sustainable Development Goals.

Objective: GLAP aims to blend innovative and sustainable practices to elevate hygiene standards through eco-friendly soap production, fostering economic growth and wellness in Kakuma, Kenya, while aligning with several Sustainable Development Goals.


Meet the World of Glap Entreprise

  • Hygiene, focusing on sustainable soap production

  • Innovation: Merges tradition with technology, setting industry standards

  • Sustainability: Prioritizes eco-friendly practices in production

Industry, Innovation & Sustainability

  • Promotes Hygiene (SDG 3)

  • Fosters Economic Growth (SDG 8)

  • Encourages Innovation (SDG 9)

  • Advocates Responsible Production (SDG 12)



Foundation year

Kakuma, Turkana Kenya 🇰🇪


  • Genesis: GLAP was born out of a desire to address hygiene needs in Kakuma. Initiated with the vision of producing eco-friendly soaps, it aligned with global sustainability goals, aiming to make a difference at the grassroots level.

  • Growth: Since its inception, GLAP has expanded its production capabilities and reach. It has empowered the local community by creating job opportunities and fostering an environment of learning and growth.

  • Milestones:

  1. 2017: Introduced a new line of products, reaching more households.

  2. 2019: Awarded for sustainability practices.

  3. 2021: Expanded market reach beyond Kakuma.

Our Story

  • Product Spotlight: GLAP’s eco-friendly soaps have become a household name in Kakuma. They promote health and well-being while being environmentally conscious.

  • Community Transformation: GLAP’s presence has significantly contributed to community development. By prioritizing local employment and educational programs, it has ignited a sense of ownership and pride among the residents, transforming Kakuma into a hub of opportunity and growth.

  • Client Chronicles: GLAP’s clients narrate stories of change and empowerment. The products have not only catered to their hygiene needs but have also instilled a sense of community well-being and environmental responsibility.

What We Value

ATLANTE and GLAP share a commitment to empowering communities and fostering sustainability, creating a synergy that enhances both missions.

Goal Harmony


ATLANTE values and promotes financial transparency, ensuring accountability and trust, which complements GLAP’s operational principles.

Financial Transparency


ATLANTE’s dedication to incorporating technology and innovation intersects with GLAP's inventive approaches in manufacturing, presenting opportunities for collaboration and advancement.

Growth & Innovation 


Both ATLANTE and GLAP are committed to operational excellence, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently, maximizing impact and value for communities.

Operational Brilliance


Both organizations prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable approaches, ensuring the long-term viability and environmental responsibility of projects.

Sustainability Manifesto


Supporting GLAP aligns with ATLANTE’s goal of promoting sustainable economic growth and decent work, contributing to the economic empowerment of displaced and underserved populations.

Impact Chronicles


Meet The Team

Innocent Havyarimana

President & Partner

  • Origin: Innocent originates from Burundi, providing firsthand insight into displacement.

  • Visionary Leadership: Fueled by responsibility, he founded GLAP to address hygiene and sustainability.

  • Commitment: Demonstrates unwavering commitment to empowerment and community welfare.

  • Impact: Under his guidance, GLAP continues to achieve milestones and make tangible impacts.

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